My Computer/Pad/Phone is stolen or lost ?

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Welcome to my nightmare...

But yes, thathappenedand is thenightmareto IT people with It security as their work area. With the number of PAD`s, smartphones,lap top`sand other devices with sensitive information stored, we just have to be careful.

First advice is of course to never store any password on your device

Second use Password, fingerprint or other security to open your screen

Third, use a password for yoursimcard

Empatix Medical neverstoreaway any datalocallyon your device. If you NOT save your password in the browser, and use a strong password, then nobody will be able to log in with your user id on your devices.

Please read more about secure password

If this still is not enough for you, you can call Doktorku support and let them block your user account or change the password.

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