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Installation and compatibility

Do I need some kind of Internet service from my mobile provider?

Unless you use a wi-fi connection to access the Internet, in general you will need to have some level of Internet access in your phone service agreement. Check with your mobile provider if this is included in your services.

How do I install Opera Mini on my phone?

There are two ways to install Opera Mini to your phone:

  • Visit using your phone’s existing web browser, and click Download Opera Mini.
  • Download on your desktop computer, and then transfer and install it on your phone.
  • To pick a particular Opera Mini or Opera Mobile version to download, see the list of all versions.

Where in my phone can I find Opera Mini after installing it?

Opera Mini can usually be found under Applications, Java Applications, File Manager or a similarly named folder that can be reached from the main menu of your phone. Occasionally, it can be found under Games. If you can’t find Opera Mini anywhere on your phone (and you are sure that you installed it correctly), please consult your mobile phone manual or your phone manufacturer’s website.

What are the differences between each Opera Mini version?

The features of, and requirements for, running Opera Mini change with each version. To see the history of Opera Mini, follow the Opera Mini blog.

What is the purpose of the screen where you need to press keys until the indicator is full? To protect your communication with the Opera Mini server, the client needs to create a secret key. The key needs to be long enough so that it cannot be easily guessed or predicted. The best way to ensure that the key is not predictable is to use a random key. Opera Mini generates a random key for this purpose when you randomly press keys on the keypad until the indicator is full.

How to set permissions in signed versions of Opera Mini

Opera Mini 4.1 and later can be installed as both signed and unsigned versions. The advantage of the signed version is that you can have better control over how Opera Mini can access your device files, folders and connection settings. The end result is that you will get fewer permission dialogs for file and network access. Our download servers try to recommend the right signature for your phone. Not all phones can install signed versions of Opera Mini. If you find this recommendation is incorrect, please let us know.

How to set permissions for Opera Mini varies a lot depending on the phone you have. In general, you have to locate the folder where Opera Mini is. Then you have to highlight Opera Mini and press an options/menu button to find the application permission settings. Opera Mini uses settings to read and write user data, as well as Internet connectivity settings. If you cannot find these settings, please consult your mobile phone manual or your phone manufacturer’s website.

Please note that we do not offer signed versions for Palm and BlackBerry (with a few exceptions).

Does Opera Mini work with my Palm device?

Opera Mini works with a number of Palm devices. However, you may need to install a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) before downloading Opera Mini.

Does Opera Mini work with my BlackBerry device?

Yes, Opera Mini works well with BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry devices with firmware older than 4.2 don’t have JSR-75 support required for some advanced features in Opera Mini. The firmware version can be found under Options > About (third line).

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