How do I clear my browser cache and temporary files?

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How do I clear my browser cache and temporary files?

A quick way to clear the cache on any browser is to hold CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE (for Mac users: COMMAND + SHIFT + DELETE). You'll then choose to delete the cache or temporary internet files. For more specific instructions, please see below:

Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the Gear Icon

2. Select the Safety Menu

3. Select Delete Browsing History...

Internet Explorer

4. Check the Temporary Internet Files box

5. Click Delete.

6. Be sure to un-check the option to Preserve Favorites website

Internet explorer


1. Select the Tools menu

2. Choose Clear Recent History


3. Make sure the Cache box is checked

4. Click the Clear Now button.


Google Chrome:

1. Select the Menu button in the upper-right corner.

2. Select Settings

Google Crome

3. Click the Show advanced settings

Google Crome

4. Click Clear browsing data

Google Crome

5. Choose the period of time you wish to delete cached information using the Obliterate the following items fromdrop down menu. After that, check the boxes for the types of information you wish to delete.

6. Make sure Empty the Cache is checked

7. Click Clear Browsing Data

Google Crome

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