Flooding in my office ?


Yes thathappensto often in Indonesia and other countries. First of all, we in DoktorKu is very sorry for those that get their home or assets damaged and their loss their get by theflooding.

We hope you keep secure and that your assets is safe.

ForEmpatix Medical andswww.doktorku.netthefloodinghasno impact. Our servers are located in the most secure serverenvironmentin Singapore.

If you use cable connection for your Internetaccessthis can of course be out of order, during theflooding. Like most of theIndonesian I know, you have both the office computer and your mobile phone?

If you have Mobile Phone, Pad or laptop where you can use the telecom providers internet connection, then you still have full access to all in Empatix Medical and www.doktorku.net.

Just open the webpage, log inn with same username and password as you use on your office computer. If you use mobile phone, Smartphone and some Pad`s you will get a tailoredinterfacecustomisedfor small screen devices. This will depend on your device and the browser you use.

>> Please read more about Empatix Medical on Mobile devices

Click on picture, for editing properties Doktorku on old mobile phones

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